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Australia flag
Someone STOLE our Australian Flag right off our front door last night.
How low is that?
I am in awwe on how they did it was screwed and tied there real good.
You would think that people would have a little more respect for an Australian Flag.  Esspecially when we have ANZAC day on Saturday.


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I can't beleive that!

A friend told me a story this year:

Australia Day her and a friend were driving around with an Australia Flag on their car. They stopped at an intersection and a teenage boy ran up and tore the flag off the car. My friend jumped out of the car and chased him down and then beat him with her handbag until he gave back the flag.

I laughed by bum off when she told me this, I could not believe she had hit this boy.

Something to cheer you up maybe? :)

LOL :D that's hillarious!
I hope there was no one behind her at the intersection!
I LOVE your icon...that's hillarious too. I think I have been sitting here about 5 mins reading it. and i'm like...WTF mate? LOL

I love that icon as well, and I thought it appropriate for this entry. :) It does make you sit there and read it forever though, 'cause ususally you start in the middle of it! *laugh*

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